About us

About us

We believe that bellydance education should be treated as any other dance art form. We believe in clear methodology, dedicated guidance and an inspiring atmosphere. We also believe that learning bellydance is lots of fun! Based on these aspects we developed courses combining pleasure and professionalism. 

Our instructor, Tato Martirossian, has been trained by some of the best professionals in the bellydance scene. She started out in the Baladi Group of Mahdy Emara and she participated in innovative projects with Ana Euson and Iris Galesloot, combining tradition and experiment. After completing her training in the Netherlands, she travelled to Egypt where she ended up living for two years, learning and living the dance. Tato has performed on many national and international stages and she has collaborated with many accomplished artists. She’s a dedicated teacher, who passes on her knowledge of this beautiful art form with passion and integrity. 

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Tato's students performing

Tato & Iris performing in Germany

Tato performing with Cairo Liberation Front in Paris